Big Muff Bias Resistors Calculator

Here's a calculator to quickly get an estimate of the bias resistors in a Big Muff circuit.

• For all silicon transistors use Vbe at 0.6 V, this value can vary for germanium transistors but a good estimate to start with would be 0.3 V.

* iL : This field is for germanium transistor leakage and the value must be in mA, ie. A 100uA leak would be enter as 0.1 in the field. For silicon transistors just don't care about it.

• Please note that voltage and current values are very sensitive to small reading changes in hFE and iL, therefore the more precisely readings are provided and the more accurate results will be.

Change the values in the fields below based on your readings and click on the "Calculate" button
Rc: K Re: K R1: K R2: K Vcc: V
Q hFE: Vbe: V * iL: mA


------ Results ------

Vc: V    Vb: V    Ve: V   
ic: mA ib: mA ie: mA
i1: mA i2: mA i: mA
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