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Boss Input / Output Buffer

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Boss Input / Output Buffer

Postby maz » February 14th, 2020, 6:28 pm

Here's a Boss Input / Output Buffer that sometimes I found to be quite useful, when activated it does the same as a Boss stompbox on its off position, in other words it's like when the effect is turned off and the signal is passing only through the input / output buffers.

For sure there's alot of them around, I've built some including pretty good FET buffers but for a reason over my knowledges sometimes these Boss buffers are making some stompboxes or amplifiers to sound better than other buffers, so I thought about drawing one of them then I can use it alone. The transistors are as per the original schematic, this is exactly the same buffers as found in the old OD-1 Overdrive, fortunately I got some 2SC732 but any NPN with the same pinout (E C B) will do. I did my best to make the PCB layout as small as possible.

The schematic


The layout


:pdf: Download the Complete pdf project file for direct PnP transfer, layout and schematic.

:txt: Download Bill of Materials in txt format.

The Boss Input / Output Buffer on veroboard


Because of the light, the color came out with some yellowish but it's a kinda off white ! The design is beautiful I love it ! :love:


Happy DIY !
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