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Boss OD-1 - With Tone Control

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Boss OD-1 - With Tone Control

Postby maz » February 11th, 2020, 3:31 pm

Here's another DIY Overdrive pedal that I'm using quite often, the Boss OD-1 with Tone Control.

Came out in 1977, the original Boss OD-1 was surely the first "tube screaming type" Overdrive pedal. Some early OD-1 was made with an NEC uPC4741C chip while the laters were made with an RC3403D, they are both 14 pins Quad OP AMP. That was until the late 70s then the typical 8 pins 4558 dual OP Amp chip was used. It is quite a simple circuit on which many other was inspired from, just like Ibanez with the Tube Screamer. In 1985 it was discontinued to make room for the SD-1.

The version proposed below do not respect some original parts and is coming from a layout found online several years ago so I drew the schematic based on the pcb in my pedal and also did some nice layout / veroboard. This OD-1 workalike stompbox really is a favorite of mine :love:

The schematic


The layout


:pdf: Download the Complete pdf project file for direct PnP transfer, layout and schematic.

:txt: Download Bill of Materials in txt format.

The Boss OD-1 With Tone Control built on veroboard


The yellow color came out a little darker but it doesn't affect the sound, obviously :)


Happy DIY !
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