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Tools & useful links for creating your projects

Here is some links that can be useful for creating projects. Tools and softwares, information, tutorial, etc, ...

Tools & useful links for creating your projects

Postby maz » March 9th, 2014, 2:19 am

Here is a list of tools and softwares I use for circuit and schematics creation. They are free and very suitable for pedal and small amp circuit design.


DIY Layout Creator (Layout & PnP creation tool - free)

Electro Suite Gold (Brings together many calculation tools for making electronic projects - free)

DIY Web Sites I was inspired from

Tonepad (DIY Effect projects - free - byoc)

General Guitar Gadgets (DIY Effect projects - free - byoc)

Run Off Groove (DIY Effect projects - free - original)

Geofex (Tutorials & essential information - free)

AMZ FX (Tutorials & essential information - free)

DIY Fever (DIY Addict web site, lot of useful info, many DIY files & projects)

Enjoy! :)
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